While today’s threatscape is leaning towards individual identities rather than shared accounts to achieve increased assurance levels as mandated by newer legislation and industry best practices, there will still be shared passwords in many organizations. Thus, it’s vital in a first step to discover and register all machines and then vault all shared, alternate admin and service accounts. Access to those accounts is then brokered for users, services and applications.

Reduce Risk When Sharing Privileged Accounts

  • Automatically discover systems and service accounts for subsequent management.
  • Enforce centralized control over who can access credentials and audit administrator activity — including securing third-party access.
  • Simplify and automate shared account password management for super user and service accounts.
  • Single location for emergency access to super user passwords for all on-premises and cloud-based systems and network infrastructure.
  • Step-up authentication and secure access to infrastructure without knowing privileged account passwords.
  • Secure storage of encrypted privileged account credentials in Centrify Privileged Access Service or a key management appliance on-premises (or in the cloud).