How to Collect Debug Logs from a Centrify Access Manager Console


In order to collect debug logs from the Access Manager console either select “Action” from the windows menu bar or right-click on “Centrify Access Manager <>” and select “Options”.
After the “Options” window opens, select the second tab from the left “Log Settings”.

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This pane displays the five log levels and when selected offer a brief description of the types of data that will be collected. Centrify advises leaving logs either turned off or set at “Error” or “Warning” levels so as to not greatly consume local drive space. Please note that logs from the Access Manager console are saved on a per user basis. As multiple users may be interacting with the Access Manager console on a system, their individual data will be saved in the Application Data directories, ie C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Centrify\DirectControl\Log. This path may be changed and customized per user discretion, but this may result in combining of log information of multiple users into a single file or directory, thus inhibiting the ability to track individual user action.

Logs from the Access Manager console are useful when identifying delays in performance time of the console, updates not appearing in the console after changes have been made, or when comparing data that appears differently between the Access Manager console and the individual Agents running on other servers.

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