Applies to: All version of Centrify Agent for Windows (DirectAuthorize agent)

How to:
For DirectAuthorize debug, please help perform the following steps to collect the TRACE level log for Centrify Support to further investigate the issue:

Centrify Agent for Windows Suite 2017.1 and below:
1) Open DirectAuthorize Agent Control Panel (from start menu -> All Program -> Centrify Server Suite -> Windows Agent Control Panel -> DirectAuthorize)

2) Go to Troubleshooting Tab, click Options, change the Trace Level to “Trace messages”, then OK

User-added image

3) Reproduce the issue and access to the log location, by default the location should be:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Centrify Shared\Logs\

4) Please sort by “Date modified” and send in the latest output files starting with DirectAuthorize_<date> to Centrify Support to further investigate.

Centrify Agent for Windows Suite 2017.2 (3.4.2) and greater:
Please follow page 234 from our documentation:,-348,455

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